Holland Clinic is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based medical practice that
specializes exclusively in Bariatrics (medical weight control). Our medical
director and staff physician, Mark Holland MD has practiced bariatric medicine in
Albuquerque since 1991 and has treated thousands of patients during that time.

Dr. Holland uses only "evidence-based" care for his patients. This means that
his care is based upon the latest scientific evidence as published in
peer-reviewed major bio-medical literature and not upon mere theory, ideology
or tradition. When new studies clearly demonstrate a better approach to weight
control, Dr. Holland has and will continue to modify the advice and therapy he
offers patients.

Our services are only available to people whose weight poses a risk to their
health. To this end, we have a set of weight and health-based criteria that
prospective new patients must satisfy. These are explained here.

Our program has a number of important facets:

1: Livable and healthy long-term dietary modification.
2: Exercise prescription individualized for each patient
3: The option of prescription appetite medication for appropriate patients
4: One-on-one physician-patient interaction
5: Overall health evaluation with special emphasis on weight-related conditions
6: Stress reduction strategies
7: Open and honest dialogue between Dr. Holland, his staff and all patients with
the goal of reducing the shame, guilt and self-blame surrounding obesity
8: Office visits every four weeks (or more often if needed)
9: Fair price: as insurance rarely pays for weight control, we work very hard
to keep our prices affordable.

We will not represent of warrant the success you may have with our program.
The results you obtain with our services depend very much upon your
willingness to truly change the way you live. What we can guarantee is our
honesty, integrity and dedication to your health.

If you want to know more about us, please click here or call our office at (505)
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