Mark Holland was born in Seattle, Washington in 1963. He was raised
mostly in California and, for a year, in Geneva, Switzerland. He
attended High School in North San Diego County and graduated
Magna Cum Laude from the University of California at San Diego with
a degree in general biology. He attended medical school at the
University of California at Irvine and graduated as a medical doctor in

Doctor Holland moved from California to Albuquerque, New Mexico in
the summer of 1989 to pursue post-graduate medical training in
Pathology at the University of New Mexico. After a year and a half,
Dr. Holland decided that Pathology was the wrong medical specialty
for him and he left to pursue a medical career that offered more
direct patient contact. This led him to bariatrics or medical weight

Dr. Holland started his own bariatric medical practice (called "Medical
Diet Clinic") in the summer of 1991 and has, since then, treated over
ten thousand people. When asked recently why he chose bariatrics
as a medical specialty, Dr. Holland replied:

"With the likely exception of tobacco, obesity ranks among the
greatest preventible risks to the health of most Americans today and
yet, it is still viewed more as a character flaw than as a medical
illness. That is a tragedy, because excellent research demonstrates
that obesity is very much a disease with genetic and environmental
causes that have absolutely nothing to do with people's character. I
believe my job as a physician is to put aside old-fashioned moralistic
advice like 'just eat less' and instead teach people to understand the
mechanisms of hunger and metabolism so that they can make
intelligent and reasonable choices with food and physical activity. I
also often prescribe weight control medications and I do this because
they actually help. We know that diabetes and hypertension are two
diseases strongly linked to weight gain and we treat those illnesses
agressively with medications, so it seems reasonable to me that if we
can use weight control medications to help prevent these illness, we
are practicing good medicine."
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