Recently many patients have begum seeking reimbursement for our fees
through their employer-sponsored flexible spending accounts and requests
for our assistance have dramatically increased. Patients occaisionally find
this a frustrating process. We are restricted by the rules and legalities
associated with these plans. It is our hope that the information below will
clarify the extent of the assistance we can provide patients with their
flexible spending account issues.

What We Can Do to Help:

-We will provide you with an itemized receipt for services and goods we
provide you at each visit
-We will provide a medical diagnosis. Because of the nature of this
practice, in the majority of instances, the diagnosis will be obesity.
-We will provide you a copy of your medical records (Please note that we
will charge you very reasonable fee for these copies that is based upon the
volume of your records).

What We Cannot Do

-We will not provide a diagnosis for a disease that we are not treating.
Example: if you have diabetes but your primary physician treats you for
that illness, we CANNOT claim to treat you for diabetes even though
weight loss can improve symptoms and risks of diabetes.
-We will NOT generate statements of medical need. These should come
from your primary physician if that provider is willing.
-We cannot provide diagnosis or procedure codes. These codes are
commonly used in insurance billing and unfortunately now, some
flex-spending plans are asking for them. Because of the nature of our
practice, insurance almost never reimburses for our services and therefore,
we are not equipped to deal with code-generation.

Use of Flex-Spending Card

If you have a flex-spending account that issues you a debit card, you are
welcome to use it to pay for your services here. However, if later the
charge is deemed ineligible, we are not responsible, we will not reimburse
you and we will not provide you any documentation other than that
described above.

Alternative Approach

Remember that even if a flex-spending account does not cover our
services, these services may still be tax deductible.

"FLEX" Spending Accounts and Weight Loss
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