Health and Weight Requirements for Appetite Medication Usage:

Before I, as a physician will prescribe a weight control medication to a patient, I
have to establish that a patient's health will likely be improved and not harmed by
so doing. This means I have to talk with, take a history from and examine each
patient to determine that he or she is indeed obese and has no health problems
that would make the use of appetite medication dangerous for that person. This
means that I have a minimum weight requirement for new patients that is based
upon a number of factors and that is outlined in greater detail here or use the BMI
link to the right. --------------->

Sometimes prospective patients that fail to meet the weight requirement ask
something like this: "What am I supposed to do,
gain weight and then come back?"
Obviously that would be absurd and dangerous to the person's health, but I do
understand the frustration. I simply cannot treat people for a disease they do not

Getting Started as a New Patient

Patients who are new to our practice are given an extended first visit with doctor
Holland at which time he takes a medical history, performs a brief physical
examination, explains in detail his dietary and excercise program and, when
medically indicated, may prescribe an anorectic (weight-loss) medication.

Followup visits are usually monthly.

Treatment duration varies widely among patients depending upon degree of
over-weight and health.

Our diet and exercise plans are not radical and are predicated upon the notion that
long-term weight loss requires long-term lifestyle change which can only be
achieved through sensible and liveable eating and activity. We do not sell food to
our patients but instead work with them to make good choices in the real world of
supermarkets and restaurants.

Appetite control medications may be prescribed when patients carry enough excess
weight to have or be at risk for weight related illness. Appetite medications do
indeed help many patients lose weight but they are not miracles and they are not
for everyone. Only Dr. Holland can decide, in consulatation with you, whether such
medication might be indicated in your care.

We define succesful weight loss in terms of health and risk. Most people do not
have to be 'model-thin' to be healthy or at least healthier. Generally weight loss of
10% starting weight or more significantly reduces one's risks for diabetes and high
blood pressure. Your personal idea of successful weight loss may involve more
dramatic goals and insofar as those goal are commensurate with good health we will
work with you to achieve them.

If you take a few moments to browse our site you will find more detailed information
within. Wether you choose to seek care with us or not, we are glad for your
interest and wish you the very best health and happiness.
Becoming a Patient of Our Practice
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