Glycemic Load
A Way to Quantify the Effect of Glycemic Index Based Upon Amount of Carbohydrate In Food

The degree to which carbohydrate affects insulin and hunger is not simply a
function of glycemic index alone but also depends on how much of that
carbohydrate is consumed. Obviously a tiny amount of sugar or any other
high-glycemic carbohydrate is unlikely to cause much increase in blood sugar
or insulin whereas a large amount of a low-glycemic food might. To better
quantify this effect, the concept of "glycemic load" is introduced. Glycemic
load is a calculation:

Glycemic Load = [Glycemic Index (of a food) X grams of carbohydrate
contained in that food
] / 100

Below is a chart showing the glycemic loads of certain foods.
From "The Linus Pauling Institute" at Oregon State University
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