Medical Insurance and Weight Control
Unless you are morbidly obese, it is very unlikely that your
medical insurance plan will pay for the costs of a weight control
program, even a medical one. Generally, morbid obesity is
defined as a Body Mass Index greater than 40. You can use our
online BMI calculator to learn your own BMI.

If your BMI IS higher than 40, then you may be in luck, but
even then, each insurance plan has its own specific rules about
coverage. If in fact your plan does cover weight control, we
will be glad process the paperwork they may require.

Please note that we require payment for our services at the
time of a visit so that insurance payments will need to be made
directly to you.

Be aware that although insurance plans rarely cover obesity
treatment, FLEX Spending Accounts often do and even when
they don't, the IRS considers the costs of a weight loss
program to be a deduction for income tax purposes
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