First Visit:

$185.00 + tax (includes four weeks of prescription medication
dispensed to you in-office*)

Followup Visits:

Variable depending on prescription charges but generally between
$60 (+tax)and $110(+tax) per month.

Pricing Structure:

These fees are for patients actively enrolled in our medical weight
control program and are based on the cost of the prescription
medications we dispense to you. All other services including your
office visits with Dr. Holland (except periodic laboratory blood
testing) are included at no additional charge. We have adopted this
pricing structure for the sake of simplicity and to encourage patients
to visit with us and with Dr. Holland as often as they need.

Prescription Weight Control Medications are dispensed directly
to you from our office at the time of your visit. An outside pharmacy
visit is needed only in the unlikely event that Dr. Holland prescibes
for you a non-weight control medication.

Weight control medication is only prescribed for appropriate patients and only
after being evaluated by Dr. Holland. If you fail to qualify for our weight control
program you will, of course, not be charged.

Pricing is subject to change
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