Basic Outline of Our Medical Weight Control Program


1: To reduce risk of or complications from obesity-related diseases in order to help
patients live longer and better.
The reason obesity is a medical problem is that it carries risk of other diseases like
diabetes and hypertension. Our main concern is helping patients reduce these risks
over the long term.

2: To help patients feel better physically so that they can lead more active and
personally fulfilling lives.

3: To increase patient self esteem and therebye improve their ability to enjoy and
function effectively in social settings including the workplace.

4: To help patients develop a rational perspective towards their weight without
shame, guilt or fear.


1: Dietary Change:
Long-term weight control requires dietary change that is safe, effective and
liveable. Our program generally (but not universally) teaches:
-Fat reduction
-Low-glycemic index carbohydrates
-High Fiber
-Moderate protein
-Frequent eating (grazing)
-Substantial breakfasting
-Fructose reduction

2: Data Self-Collection:
We teach patients proven techniques for self-collecting, storing and reviewing
eating and activity records.

3: Physical Activity:
Our exercise prescriptions are highly individualized and based upon people's health,
goals, age, values, schedule and income.

4: Medication:
Dr. Holland can prescribe anorectic (appetite suppressing) medications for
appropriate patients. These agents can help improve speed of weight loss,
especially in the beginnning, but they are not miraculous and patients must work
hard to make changes in their lifestyles.

5: Monitoring
Dr. Holland evaluates and closely monitors each patient's health and weight on a
regular basis using physical examination, interviews with each patient, laboratory
blood testing, weight and other anthropometric techniques.

6: Support:
All of us in the clinic work to create a warm and totally non-judgmental
environment for our patients.

What We Ask of Our Patients:

1: Their Time:
A patient's first visit is longest and may take two hours. After that, patients are
generally schedulled every four weeks for shorter ten to fifteen minute office visits.
Because Dr. Holland treats each person according to their needs, some visits take
longer than others.

2: Their Earned Trust:
Our aim is to demonstrate through deeds that we are genuinely committed to
patients' weight-loss and we ask that in turn, that they actually apply the advice
we give them to their lives. Without willingness to change, this cannot work.

3: Their Honesty:
Dr. Holland and his staff work extremely hard to create a non-judgemental
atmosphere in the clinic. Above all, this means that there is no shame in telling the
truth and therefore we ask that people tell it. It is impossible to help people lose
weight if they conceal aspects of their lifestyle or fail to admit to falling-short of
diet or exercise goals.

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